Idea: Preset Environment Variables in the form for Web Pipeline

This is an idea I’d like to get feedback on before I post a detailed issue in GitLab.

At my workplace we have implemented the use of web triggered pipelines to allow separate behavior for code events and management events.
The use case is that we have repositories where often a code change does not necessarily require a provision and sometimes provisions do not require code change (like dynamic data or fixes to underlying / dependent services)

In the jobs we allow limiting / expanding the scope of those actions by having custom environment variables in place, yet it is very difficult to explain to people how to use them or have them remember to use them when in need (most of the time they don’t need, so the knowledge just gets lost)
But if there was an option in gitlab-ci.yml to define a list of expected custom environment variables that will preset them in the web pipeline create screen that would be awesome
Optimal: an OpenAPI like syntax to define environment variables and their types (boolean, string and integers)
Good enough: a list of variables with required / optional flags


An example of what this could look like: