Images-build-only is failing: FATAL: invalid argument

Hello everyone,

I am new to Gitlab and to try it out I was going through the handbook. While doing so I’ve noticed there was a typo so I thought it would be a perfect idea to try and to create a new PR with the changes. I only changed one word but the images-build-only is failing and I don’t understand why.
Here is the PR:
And the failing pipeline:

Could someone give me any tips on how I could solve this?

Thank you so much,



Can you watch gitlab-ctl tail while running the build and paste the results here?

Hi alhemicar. Thx for your answer. I changed the coe directly in the gitlab console. Not locally in my computer. So could let me know how I can run that commant. Btw, I just created another PR and I get exactly the same error:

Thx for your help