Import by URL fails for large projects

Hi, I’ve have an issue importing large projects from a gitlab server v8.3.4 to gitlab server v12.10.1 via url.

On the screen I see this after quite a while of waiting:

The error in the log is:
{“severity”:“ERROR”,“time”:“2020-06-19T12:52:35.584Z”,“correlation_id”:“d1b04042fccacdf1e7b9ae52ceafe57d”,“message”:“The Lfs import process failed. 5:GetRepoPath: not a git repository ‘/var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories/@hashed/76/a5/76a50887d8f1c2e9301755428990ad81479ee21c25b43215cf524541e0503269.git’”}

This only happens for two of the projects I’m trying to import via url (the others were successfully imported).

The two projects that are failing are the largest ones I’m trying to move at 5077.61MB and 2727.71MB. One at 905.16MB was able to import successfully.

I’m wondering if there is a size limit setting I have not found somewhere yet? My Maximum namespace storage (MB) is set to 0 for unlimited.

I’d be open to other options for importing these projects if the import via url won’t work.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.