Import from an exsiting gitlab with url failed

Hi, i had an old version gitlab instance 10.3.5, and a new version gitlab instance 12.1.3. When i import project from old to new by using url, it always failed, and the application.log shows message like August 08, 2019 13:57: The Lfs import process failed. 5:GetRepoPath: not a git repository '/data/gitlab/git-data/repositories/base/service.git' . When i check the repositories folder, i found that there is only, the service.git is missing.
Thanks for any help!


I currently experiencing the exact same issue.
Is there a way to get it work’s ?
Someone has an answer, a link ?

The export format changed between those versions of GitLab. Exports from 10.3.5 are not compatible with 12.1.3.
has some documentation on when the export format changed, but in general you should not assume that you can import projects that were exported using a different version.