Import project Gitea to Gitlab on premise


I have an incident then i try to import project from Gitea to Gitlab on premise.

I used this documentation for import : Import your project from Gitea to GitLab | GitLab

I respect the prerequisites and from gitlab, Gitea is a source allowed to import.

Here the error message : ‘remote-https’ is not a git command

Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance.

Which GitLab version, and how is GitLab installed?

Googling the error message leads to missing libcurl for git. This comes precompiled with Omnibus packages, and could be a source for errors with different install methods.

Thanks for your response.

Here the gitlab version : 14.9.5-ee

and this components

  • GitLab Shell13.24.0
  • GitLab Workhorsev14.9.5
  • GitLab APIv4
  • GitLab KAS14.9.0
  • Ruby2.7.5p203
  • Rails6.1.4.6
  • PostgreSQL12.7
  • Redis6.2.6

Gitlab is installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.5 (Ootpa)

For information, i have already installed libcurl-devel package.