Import version mismatch


I’m trying to import a project from our local Gitlab server running Ubuntu server 16.04 to but I’m getting the following error:
Error importing repository into groupname/projectname - Import version mismatch: Required 0.2.1 but was 0.2.0
I’ve updated my local Gitlab and it says my instance is up to date. This is my current local version:

Components up-to-date
GitLab 10.2.5
GitLab Shell 5.10.0
GitLab Workhorse v3.3.1
GitLab API v4
Gitaly 0.52.1
Git 2.13.6
Ruby 2.3.5p376
Rails 4.2.8
postgresql 9

I’ve read the workaround James Lopez posted here:
but it’s not supported and has the chance to break things so I preferably want to avoid using it.

Is there any ETA on when the local installation from will match the one on