Importer issues

I am migrating from bitbucket server to gitlab 13.7

Following are the challenges i am facing:

Merge request approver/assignee is empty after migration.?
Approver is optional in gitlab?
Members of projects is not migrated?

Can anyone help me on this?

Hi @sssparsh05
you can see in the docs what is supported by the Bitbucket importer Server/Data Center

Approvers are optional in GitLab by default. If you need approvers you need to configure it. Required Approvers is a Premium and higher feature.

User import is not included.

Hi @balonik

Can you please help on these below queries as well as i did not find this on doc?
Fork links and fork are not migrated from bitbucket?
Also merge request assignee and approver are empty after migration?

Hi @sssparsh05

each project is imported in no particular order as individual projects, so migrating fork links is not something it can do. Then fork is something that can be deleted and created anytime.

I am not sure about assignees and approvers, I would suggest to try it out and see.

Hi @balonik

I have tested and tried to migrated so these thing are missing are as

Merge request approvers and assinee is not migrated it shows unassigned

Members of project is not migrated

Last one is fork links