Importing all content from GitHub Enterprise to self-hosted Gitlab instance

Is there a way for an administrator on a GitHub Enterprise instance, who is also an administrator on a self-hosted Gitlab instance, to import everything from the GitHub Enterprise instance into the self-hosted Gitlab instance, without touching each repository etc. individually?

Note that the origin is not, it is our local GitHub Enterprise instance. We’re trying to move away from GitHub Enterprise as the licensing changes – and prices – became onerous after Microsoft bought GitHub.

Have a look here, may be this works for your use case.

Good luck and welcome to GitLab, the MS free zone .-)

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That link looks promising, save for the GitHub integration. We are set up for LDAP authentication on both instances, so the user information will be identical between both. (I’d also rather not turn on OAuth on either one.) Further, the Gitlab instance is new, so nowhere near as many people have logged in on it yet as have stuff on our GitHub Enterprise instance. I was hoping to have a way to grab everything and shift it over before they all did.

Sounds like a challenge…