Importing Pull Requests from GitHub using the API

I am looking to import a lot of projects from GitHub into GitLab. However, we use Terraform to maintain our GitLab instance so need to use the GitLab API.

I know when I do an import via the GitLab GUI and authenticate with GitHub everything is imported including Pull Requests/Merge Requests.

However, when I define it using the API, pretty much everything is pulled in but Merge Requests are not.

From gitlab docs

Using a personal access token to import projects is not recommended. If you are a user, you can use a personal access token to import your project from GitHub, but this method cannot associate all user activity (such as issues and pull requests) with matching GitLab users.

The GitHub repo is private so I am defining the url as https://{personal_access_token}@{repo_url}.git

Is there a way to use the import function of the Create Project API when creating a project to import Pull/Merge requests as well?