Imports after making initial connection


My company is in the process of investigating whether we can migrate from Fogbugz to Gitlab. As such, we’re running a local server instance of Gitlab, and are trying to use the Gitlab import tool.

When I try to import from Fogbugz, I can successfully log in, and map users. I can also see the available projects to import, but when I try to actually import, it fails.

I am shown the following error: An error occurred while importing project: Error: Request failed with status code 422, and when I check logs, I see response":"{\"errors\":\"Import url is blocked: Host cannot be resolved or invalid\". This error is strange to me, as we CAN make the initial connection to Fogbugz, but we fail on import.

We have already changed the setting to allow requests to the local network, we have disabled Enforce DNS rebinding attack protection, and we have restarted Sidekiq already. I am unsure of what to attempt from here.

We are wanting to switch over our subscription to Gitlab, but cannot move on until we resolve this issue. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.