Improve Hackathon operation (3Q 2021)

Continuing the discussion from Announcing Q2 2021 GitLab Hackathon Winners since this is OT:

Labeling the issues with deep consideration (by the (GitLab) team) looks nice to me:

We added the general bug smash label to all eligible issues […]

via Join Us For the First DEV Community Bug Smash!

GitLab Issue Bash (2016 through 2019) was a (small) part of it.

@dnsmichi What do you think?

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As I stated here, I also think it would be great if the operation improves.

My MR got merged in Hackathon but gift mail is not coming yet.

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Thank you @tnir and @ulwlu .

Might I suggest moving this to the relevant issue for gathering feedback for the Hackathon organization overall?

Thank you!



@cbacharakis Thank you, I just got your email and was able to submit! I’m looking forward to seeing gift! Besides, if I get another chance, I’ll contribute again regardless of the hackathon!