Incident quick actions : how to set the severity?


as part of an incident and change management processes I’m setting up, I am creating some issue templatee, and I’m using quick actions to set a few labels for follow-up actions.

For the Incidents would anybody know which quick action allows setting the Severity field ?

Thanks in advance for your help !

(sorry, I’m not even sure which would be the appropriate section on this forum : “How to use gitlab” or “tips and tricks” or even another one ?)

What I tried so far :

/label ~"severity::3-medium"
/label ~"severity::3"
/label ~"severity::medium"
/label ~"severity-3"
/label ~"severity-medium"

(note : I do not want to create a new label for severity, but specifically the Incident/Alert Severity, the one that is reported on the Operations > Incidents page in Severity column)

Would anyone know if it is even possible ?
Or where should I open a Feature request ?

Best bet would be to open an issue here: Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

Perhaps it can be addressed and added in future release if it’s not already possible.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I created the following feature request :