Incoming mail with Office365 shared mailbox

Hi guys,

I’d like to set up incoming email to use Service Desk. I’m using Office365 as email client and want to use a Shared Mailbox to retrieve the mails.

Following the docs on Incoming email | GitLab I’ve enabled the settings in the config file.

According to this topic: Office 365 - How to access a Shared Mailbox using IMAP client - I’ve set-up the IMAP configuration with a shared mailbox alias:

incoming_email_adress: sharedmailbox+%{key}

The topic I’m referring to suggests to use a backslash, but this is ignored by Gitlab, so I tried a forward slash.

After reconfiguring and restarting Gitlab, I’m getting the following error:

IMAP server credentials are correct? … Checking
Try fixing it:
An error occurred: Net::IMAP::NoResponseError: LOGIN failed.
Check that the information in config/gitlab.yml is correct
For more information see:
Please fix the error above and rerun the checks.

Is there anyone around who was able to get this work?

Also, I’m using multi-factor authentication, but created an app password to authenticate with.