Incorporate custom HTML reports into build result

I’m currently migrating a Bamboo-Build to GitLab Community Edition v16.7.2

My build generates some custom reports (HTML files with screenshots) and I’m looking for a way to integrate these reports into the build result.

I have added the reports as artifact:

    when: always
      - target/my-app.war
      - target/custom-reports/*

This solution is working but has some disadvantages:

  • It pollutes the actual artifact (the war file)
  • I need to download the (quite big) artifact zip and extract the files, to see the report and its screenshots.
  • I can’t create a link to a specific report file for my teammates

I haven’t found a custom report type in GitLab CI/CD artifacts reports types | GitLab where I can specify my folder. So I’m asking, how to do it right?