Inject Docker certs (or insecure registry flag) into Kubernetes executor runners

How can I get the runners created by the Kubernetes executor to have my custom CA certificate for the docker registry? (Or set it as an insecure registry)

PS: I’d rather not have to build my own dind image.

So I found the docs around the extended docker configuration options and that’s at least enough to get the insecure registry flag option passed through.

Now I couldn’t actually get it to work for me, but I’m sure that it will eventually :slight_smile:

I was under time constraints when I tried this so I didn’t get to work out what I was doing wrong, but a “workaround” I found earlier did the trick; replacing the docker:dind service in the pipeline with lordgaav/dind-options.

NOTE that this is not the preferred solution of providing the CA certificate, but I can see the possiblity of having a volume option added sometime in the future that will be all/part of the solution.