Install GitLab CE on i-MSCP managed server


I’m having root server and want to install GitLab CE. I manage hosted Websites, eMail accounts and so on using i-MSCP.

i-MSCP uses nginx for the control panel interface. This is running under a subdomain “” and port 4443 over SSL. On this domain there are several apps installed (pma, webmail and so on) that are not related to i-MSCP.

I want to install GitLab CE on this domain in a subdirectory called gitlab. Ok - thats the vision (than I need only one SSL certificate for “”. If this is not possible (because GitLab can not run in a subdirectory) than I want to install it on “” without corrupting my existing configuration for nginx, postfix or anything else.

The Omnibus package sounds great but I fear that it will corrupt my existing configuration. On port 80 and 443 apache2 is listening, nginx is installed via nginx-light package - I don’t want to install nginx package. May be I should use the long procedure with Installation from source. But then: what about updates?

Whats your suggestion here?

Best regards
Thomas Flori

I’ve choosen to install it manually and it’s working fine under subdirectory “/gitlab”…

Hello ;

You can normally install gitlabl by installing the gitlab-ce package. gitlab provides it own nginx instance which will not interfere with the i-MSCP nginx instance.

The omnibus package does not support installing in a subdirectory yet.