Install Linux Ubuntu in place of Windows OS

I want to replace a Windows 7 operating system on a computer that I don’t use anymore with Linux Ubuntu so that I can run GitLab on it. The instructions “Download a GitLab Omnibus package” are using the command line instead of being able to download an executable binary. The instructions for the Ubuntu installation for the command line are Linux so I can’t use the command line on my Windows machine to overwrite the system.
Are there any instructions in GitLab’s documents on how to proceed?


Installing Linux is a bit outside the remit for a GitLab forum, but from reading your question, the way to proceed is to look up how to install Ubuntu on your machine in the first instance. Then follow the command line instructions for how to install the Omnibus Edition.
The Ubuntu Omnibus installation is not an all in one OS install with GitLab. They are two separate parts, OS then GitLab.

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You can follow these instructions to install Ubuntu on your machine:

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Is the Ubuntu Omnibus Edition a Server Edition?

Thank you for the link for the ubuntu install instructions! Does it matter which Ubuntu edition I choose before installing GitLab?

Take 18.04

Server edition?

It does not matter. I assume you need it for
personal needs, not for hundreds of users.

Server edition has no Gui vs desktop edition since this is your first time installing Ubuntu, I would start with the desktop edition

An update on this:

I installed the server edition of Ubuntu but was unable to connect to the internet after trying various things over the course of several days. I finally installed the desktop edition of Ubuntu and am able to connect to the web via both wired (ethernet) and Wi-Fi. I’m not sure if I somehow installed the server edition wrong or if there was something wrong with the iso image that I downloaded.