Installed Gitlab on NAS, now my websites are down

Hi there,

I am hosting my own self-built NAS, which has a domainname pointed to it and runs a few services such as Nextcloud, a webserver (Apache) and occasionally a minecraft-server. OS is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 64bit. I can SSH in just fine.

I’ve now decided I want my own git-server, after thinking about it for quite some time to pull all of my github-commits to it, and recently I spoke with a coworker who had installed GitLab on his Raspberry Pi. I decided that GitLab was a better solution for my problem than pulling all commits from GitHub, and so I started installing it.

After some time, I’ve managed to get it setup reasonably correctly, I can access the interface via the relative URL, however the original links such as or are now 404’ing. I first had the url set to, but that would result in it being hosted at, also blocking the websites I had hosted on it in subfolders (, for example), in turn blocking access to Nextcloud.

If I remove gitlab-ce via sudo apt-get remove gitlab-ce, or even via sudo apt-get purge gitlab-ce, it doesn’t fix anything, just makes the 404 look different.

Is this intended, for GitLab to take over the entire webserver?
How can we fix my problem?

(I also have the mailthing installed but that’s not working, though that’s not a concern - it’s solely for my own use).