Installer that reboots on gitlab CI Windows

I’m trying to do CI on windows of a program that requires a library that can only be installed with an installer that reboots the machine (npcap). When this installer runs in my CI script, the job locks up, sometimes for much longer than the job time limit. My program cannot be tested at all without this library. I do not have any dedicated windows machines on which to run runners (I develop on Linux, and the code is cross-platform), so I’m trying to do this in the cloud. Testing of the linux version works great because the corresponding library is easily installable in linux (libpcap). Is there a right way (or any way) to do this?

I’ve looked a little into whether there are docker images already containing npcap, though to be honest I’m not that familiar with docker and I’m not 100% on what I’m looking for. I’d try to make one, but I’m having difficulty finding information on how to do that, at least for windows. I’ve learned a lot about docker on linux during this journey, but that doesn’t help me!

Any ideas? Am I trying to do something impossible?