Installing GitLab on Linux vs Window

Hi, I am trying to install GitLab on premise and is wondering what is the pro and cons to install it on Linux or Window? Anyone can share their experience?


Hi @Wing

From the official downloads, there isn’t a native Windows installation for Gitlab. Therefore, you are far better to install it under Linux. Advantages? Support. More people are likely to be able to help you if you are running it on Linux. Attempting to run it in some kind of Linux emulator under Windows for example would make it far harder for you to resolve issues since not many people are likely to run it this way.

Performance is also an advantage, it will run better under Linux than attempting it under Windows. Windows needs it’s own resources, as well as then having to cater for gitlab. A Linux server with only gitlab installed will need far less CPU/ram requirements than Windows. For Windows you would need at least 4GB for Windows, and then add the memory requirements of Gitlab, so then you would be looking at an additional 4 - 8GB, thus requiring 8 - 12GB for Windows, whereas the same on Linux would be 4 - 8GB including the Linux OS.

I don’t see any advantages for running it under Windows or even a reason for attempting it. Hope that helps. There is the docker image, you could try that under Windows (not entirely sure if will work to be honest), but the hardware requirements would still need to be taken into account for allocating CPU/memory under Windows than compared to Linux.

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Hi @iwalker Thank you for your advise. I will try to run it on Linux OS.