Installing GitLab

Hi everyone!

I want to start using GitLab in our (small) company. Because of that I am trying to install GitLab & Mattermost to test it and have sth to show to the decission-makers.

I want to install Wordpress, GitLab and Mattermost in the same machine. Should I use Apache or Nginx, since I know GitLab and Mattermost use Nginx and Wordpres uses Apache…

If I already have LAMP installed, will GitLab install Nginx or will use Apache? If uses Apache will configure it or should I configure it manually? I had installed Gitlab in a pc with LAMP installed, and I can’t fing nginx…

Is there a problem running Apache and Nginx in the same PC?

Would be great if someone can give me some info/tips regarding this.


You’ll probably want to use Gitlab Omnibus package because installing from source may sometimes error due to sidekiq memory killer not being installed.
With the omnibus package, everything comes in a bundle. It’s going to take some work if you want to switch to use apache over nginx and mysql over postgresql. Some features in Gitlab doesn’t work with mysql so postgresql is recommended.
I ended up using Gitlab docker image because that’s the easiest to install and maintain.

Following sites may help you.