Instance Template no longer copies protected branches from repository settings

Hi everyone,

I set up an instance wide templates that used to work fine up to the point where my SSL certificates had to be refreshed and I started meddling with the configurations. So now, for some reason, new repositories that are created based of my instance wide template no longer have the same protected branches as the template has. Other settings/files are correctly set.

Creating a new template with protected branches did not lead to the newly created project to have the protected branches. I’m very clueless as to what setting I might have changed, or if this is the ‘expected behaviour’/‘possible a bug’. My reasoning is that this also fell in a period where I upgraded two minor versions of GitLab (11.9.1 > 11.9.6 > 11.9.8), but I cannot be sure since I also fiddled with the configurations a bit here and there.

Is anyone else experiencing the same behaviour, or is it just me?