Integrating existing K8s cluster

Hey, first topic, so not sure about the category.

I am attempting to integrate an existing K8s 1.21.3 cluster to our Gitlab 13.2.0-ee instance.
After setting up proper API URL, cert and token, Gitlab keeps displaying:

“Your cluster API is unreachable. Please ensure your API URL is correct.”

Performing a simple curl, from the host where Gitlab runs, to the same API URL, using the same cert and token returns proper jsons. So, I’m assuming that both configuration and network connectivity are ok.

The control plane nodes are behind a couple of instances of HA proxy, however forwarding seems fine.

Any suggestions?

Thank you kindly.

Regards, Daniel


I have removed an IPv6 entry to the load balancer and now it works :slight_smile:

old msg:
Having the exact same problem with GitLab v13.12.10-ee and k8s 1.21.3.
Maybe, it’s because of compatibility.
Even 14.3-pre is only supposed to be compatible with k8s 1.15 - 1.19: