Integrating Gitlab with JIRA

I’ve been reading - - but cannot determine from that document if JIRA will be initiating any connections to my Gitlab server. I’m afraid of rogue JIRA sysadmins being able to clone my repository.

So, the question is: "Does JIRA initiate connections to my Gitlab server or is the integration solely directed by Gitlab? If solely initiated by Gitlab, can a rogue JIRA sysadmin somehow make a clone call when that connection is active?

Paranoid AK.

I’ve read the deployment article and based on the fact that accounts are only created on the JIRA end makes me believe that Gitlab will be initiating the connection.

What is not clear is whether JIRA can make requests to Gitlab. If JIRA can indeed make requests during that Gitlab initiated session, what type of requests are honored by Gitlab? Can JIRA, for instance, make a clone request?