Interface Issues over slow network/VPN connections

Hi all,
I’m sure others must have seen this issue, but I’ve Googled until I’m exhausted trying to come up with a resolution.

Quite simply, I have a self hosted instance (16.9.1 currently) and about 8 users. Everything works fine in the office, but over our VPN or working at home quite often I get messages like “Failed to obtain issue counts” … and even a page saying “There are no open issues”, when I know there are issues.

If I try to browse the repository I get the error “an error occurred whilst fetching folder content”.

I can’t find anything in the logs (perhaps I’m not looking for the right thing, or looking in the wrong place) but it seems to only do it when the response of the server is a bit delayed.

Is this something to do with the UI/code running at the browser ‘timing out’? Are there any settings/tweaks I should know about or can try?

At the moment this sometimes prevents me from doing anything when I’m out of office.