Introduction: Antonio Arena (@arenaam) / KAUST

I’m Antonio Arena (@arenaam for GitLab) who works at KAUST in Saudi Arabia. I work in IT as Linux & Advanced Platforms Lead. I manage a team of Linux sysadmins that have been evolving to DevOps practices/principles over the past 3 years. In the last 6 months we’ve been more and more using GitOps techniques to manage our infrastructure. We have 900+ projects, 400 registered users and 230 active users.

Our professors use GitLab to teach their courses. Our researchers (Research Scientists, post-docs, PhD students) use it to store their code that we help to get deployed in a CI/CD pipeline. We also train users on git, CI/CD, Docker, etc. using GitLab as our go to tool.

We also have BinderHub installed on our Kubernetes cluster making it easy for everybody with a GitLab repo to share their code on the fly. Binder has been a big success here.

Our GitLab is not available publicly but I can share a GitHub repo from one of our researchers that we mirror in KAUST, run through a CI/CD pipeline to lint it, wrap her R code into a Docker image, store in a Docker repository then push it to Kubernetes. GitHub repo, live site. This was a nice project because the researcher (now professor!) can change code and it gets pushed to her live site instantly without any help from us.


Welcome to the GitLab Forum @arenaam! Thanks for sharing your work. It is great to see so many projects!

Thanks, @chupy! I hope that many more will keep on coming out :smile: