Introduction: Christina Hupy

Welcome to the GitLab for Education Community! We’re excited to get to know you! This category is for our Education Program professionals to connect. Please take a minute to introduce yourself to the rest of the community. :sparkles:

We are thrilled that you, your students, and your institution have decided to use GitLab as a tool for teaching and learning. Now it’s time to learn more about you on a personal level!

Below are some of the questions we are eager to know about! You will find these ready to go when you create your own post - simply click New Topic to get started, and use the provided template to draft your intro!


:mortar_board: What’s your Name and GitLab handle?

:mortar_board: Where in the world :earth_americas: are you posting from?

:mortar_board: What institution are you part of? Which department do you work in?

:mortar_board: Share a bit about how you’re using GitLab (for teaching, research, etc)

:mortar_board: Share a link to your GitLab group, project, or research hosted on GitLab:

:mortar_board: Favorite way to spend your free time?

:mortar_board: Go-to resources for learning about DevOps?

:mortar_board: Any questions you have for our community?

Can’t wait to connect - talk soon!