Introduction: @JonTheNiceGuy

:man_technologist: Jon Spriggs, He/Him, @JonTheNiceGuy
:uk: Glossop, Derbyshire, UK
:briefcase: I work as a technical consultant in Automation and Orchestration of Security products in Public/Private cloud. Outside of work, I live stream open source code and podcast on systems administration.
:computer: I use Self-Hosted GitLab to demonstrate the benefits of automation and orchestration to colleagues and peers.
:partying_face: I blog, podcast, speak at conferences and stream about systems administration, permissive licenses (e.g. F,L,OSS, Creative Commons), network security and automation. I play boardgames and am a Radio Amateur.
:question: If I want to help improve how people to automate their workflows with GitLab (e.g. Ansible modules for administering GitLab instances, creating interaction bots - like the All Contributors bot) - how can I get help from the GitLab team to make these happen?