Introduction: @Linds!

Hi! I’m Lindsay!

:woman_technologist: Lindsay (she/her), @Linds (forum), @LindsayOlson (GitLab)

:earth_americas: Portland, OR :cloud_with_rain: :books:

:sparkles: I work at GitLab as part of the amazing Community Advocates team! My passion is online forums, so expect to see a lot of me around here!

:computer: I use GitLab for just about everything! Highly recommend :wink:

:partying_face: I spend my free time gardening, reading, cooking, and playing with my cat, Georgie.

:books: I am still new to the DevOps world, and find I learn a TON from the GitLab docs, and this forum of course!

:question: I have a question for the community: why don’t people use more gifs in the forum?! :wink: Reply with your favorite GIF below!

:blush: Linds

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! Use the template below and introduce yourself by clicking the +New Topic button here! Don’t forget to add the introduction tag ! :wave:

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:woman_technologist: What’s your Name, Pronouns (e.g. She/Her Them/They He/Him), forum handle, and GitLab handle?

:earth_americas: Where in the world are you posting from?

:sparkles: Where do you work or what do you do?

:computer: Share a bit about how you’re using GitLab (for your open source project, work, research, etc)

:partying_face: Favorite way to spend your free time?

:books: Go-to resources for learning about DevOps?

:question: Any questions you have for our community?

Can’t wait to connect - talk soon!