Introduction: Marco Solieri and HiPeRT lab

Hi everyone,

This is Marco Solieri (@soujak on from Italy. I am a senior research fellow and I lead both the real-time embedded systems research team, and the sysadmin team of the High-Performance Real-Time computing Lab at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. The lab investigates also on machine learning and deep learning, applications and integration for automotive and autonomous cars, drones and industrial automation.

Our 70+ researchers and students team use the HiPeRT lab self-hosted instance of Gitlab not just for managing internal teaching class, but also, and mainly, for the development of new or existing open-source software project. We have been designing and testing CI automation only for the last year, but we are aiming at a full automated build (mainly Arm-A v8 and x86-64) and deployment pipeline on our development targets: embedded boards and industrial PCs. This greatly help uniformising and simplifying the process, but it efficiently applicable only for well defined, mature software stack – and this in not always the case when you are on the bleeding edge.

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