Introduction: @psi29a - OpenMW Project Lead

Hello from the OpenMW team! For those curious: OpenMW is a free and open-source modern game engine that allows you to play games, like the Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, with it. It also provides and editor for creating your own games and mods.

We appreciate GitLab offering us a home and the ability to go self-hosted should the need ever arise. While we pride ourselves in being open-source, we also try hard to keep to the same eco-system when it comes to our tooling and GL fits our needs and have been there for us.

We have made a few feature requests and suggestions which have finally come to reality. It is great to have that kind support and communication between projects.

Thanks again!


Welcome :sparkles: :partying_face:


Welcome, @psi29a. Really glad to hear you’re finding success with our product and open source program.

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Thanks for the intro @psi29a and thanks for being part of our community!

I’m the Sr. Program Manager for the GitLab for Open Source program and am working on improving and expanding the program – so hopefully your experience as an open source org on GitLab will only get better!

Feel free to tag me on forum posts if you have ideas for the program, or on issues that you may open that could benefit the wider open source community.

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