Introduction: @tymonx

:man_technologist: Tymoteusz Blazejczyk, He/Him, @tymonx
:poland: Poland, Gdansk
:briefcase: FPGA and Embedded Systems Design Engineer, freelancer at tymonx
:gear: Find me @

Current projects:

  • gitlab-ci - various useful and handy GitLab CI YAML templates for typical GitLab CI tasks
  • go-formatter - the Go Formatter library implements “replacement fields” surrounded by curly braces {} format strings
  • docker-go - Docker image with preinstalled tools for developing, mocking, formatting, linting, building, testing and documenting Go projects
  • go-logger - lightweight, fast and powerful logger implementation in Go

:computer: Professional FPGA and Embedded Systems Design Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the semiconductors industry and in very strict embedded environments that requires reliable high-speed hardware accelerations and low-latency offloads. Expert in a true modern FPGA development adopting the newest software development trends and patterns. Knowledge and experience in RTL/SW/FW development and verification, embedded and high-level programming, C, C++, Rust, Go, SystemC, SystemVerilog, Python, CMake, Linux, co-simulation in hardware, mixing Python and HDL, QEMU, build systems, automation, DevOps, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD). Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Electronics Engineering from Technical University of Gdansk.