Introduction: @valir

:man_technologist: I’m Valentin Rusu (he/him), @valir

:earth_africa: Currently - Romania, Timișoara but also lived many years in France (:fr:) and worked in the past for Intel (:us:). So I consider myself a Citizen of Planet Earth (:earth_americas: :eu:)

:computer: I’m a passionate Linux user, occasionally contributing to open source programs like KDE and others, when not going out mountain-biking. I’m a firm advocate of the Open Source movement and I’ve (re)started the local Linux User Group (well, right now returned to sleep state because of the pandemic).

:brain: This mountain-biking passion made me create a local MTB community in Timișoara, connected with other communities from the mountain-side towns. My current employment is a Manager position (Head of Development) so I’m now in a good position to help spread the word about Open Source among my team. Combining these I realized we could start a new MTB-oriented application, with the promise to keep it forever free for everybody. It would be the perfect playground for fellow developers here to further their skills. And we’ll bring in other local developers, as there are many IT guys here in Timișoara, and hopefully others will join in the future.