Introspect system logs on Gitlab CI hosted on

Is there a way to take a look at the logs from Gitlab CI hosted on, other than the ones at
All threads I’ve found so far talk about the servers where users have system-level access.

I’m hitting an issue where a job stops proceeding without any output and hits 1 hour job limit. So I’m interested in looking into system level logs.


This exports the log files (/var/log) as artifacts, and you can download it after the job is done.

image: ubuntu:16.04

  - cp -r /var/log .
    - log/
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Thank you, that looks a nice idea, but I only see an empty folder in my artifact view after CI jobs finish. I also tried specific path like the following but I only see a folder gitlab-ci_var_log with its content empty at

Any idea what’s wrong?

  - cp -r /var/log ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/gitlab-ci_var_log
    - ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/gitlab-ci_var_log

Here is a test project

For exmaple, you can download the sys logs from

You need to have syslog or rsyslog installed.

Note that @shinya uses image: ubuntu:16.04 which has a system logger installed. In that case logs are generated.

The default image used by runners does not have rsyslog installed.