Invite an user if no mail server is configured - how to copy the invite link

As total beginner I just installed on Azure GitLab 15.9 EE (upgraded from 15.4) Free using the official VM template, so far I didn’t configured the mail notifications due I’m waiting being able to access the company info email for sending them.

Still want collaborators being able to start setting up things, I’m able to add them to the project but as soon I click the “Invite” button no link is shown and of course no mail is sent, also looking at the invited memebers there is only a Resend Invite button by no Copy invite link as expected

When you click the “Invite” button, it’s not showing a link, and no email is being sent. Additionally, there’s no “Copy invite link” option as you were expecting.
One thing you could try is to make sure that the email addresses of the collaborators you’re trying to invite are valid and correctly formatted. Also, double-check that their email addresses are added to their GitLab user profiles.
If that doesn’t solve the issue, you may want to check your GitLab email settings to ensure that they are configured correctly. You can also try reaching out to GitLab support for additional assistance.

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@DarrenWellsy good to know my understanding of the UX is wrong.

So far you can confirm there is no way to get an invitation link if not actually sending the email

Edit: I was finally able to setup an access to my Gmail mail account using app password. Will need to understand how to make it work using my Microsoft 365 corporate account.

I would suggest to add a Copy link button to overcome this problem.

Oh, I got you, Davide* :+1: