Ipad to view all wiki

using ipad to browse gitlab.com , no way to view all wiki. There is no list to show all wiki, so we can’t navigate. probably a bug, thanks

forget this post. i was wrong.

You should really mark it as resolved, so nobody else will be wasting their time reading the initial post just to realize that there’s nothing to help with.

oh sorry, not resolve, i was wrong again. in iphone or ipad pro, it has a panel to show all wiki. But in pad, it doesn’t

Nice! You just found a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

Open a new issue on Gitlab. The problem is that the js-sidebar-wiki-toggle button isn’t shown on that exact width.

TL;DR: css breakpoints are not set correctly.

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Just to follow up after a month; have you opened the issue or was the bug reported in any other way?