Is a 25GB repo possible?

Is it possible to set a single 25GB repo?
I saw there is a 10GB max size but can I lift it on self hosted server or paid cloud account?
It is not an LFS issue or long history, I have hundred of thousands of small files.

We have a project using 34.2 GB on our self hosted GitLab.

(We also have one that in the same list is reported as using “-247919452 Bytes” - yes, that’s a minus - so those numbers are not too reliable, we actually have several repositories that are reported to use negative space)

In Settings/General/“Account and limit” you can set “Size limit per repository (MB)” which has the comments “Includes LFS objects. It can be overridden per group, or per project. 0 for unlimited.”

Reading the help for that setting says “Note: For, the repository size limit is 10 GB.”