Is Email mandatory to use GitLab SelfManaged

I’m investigating if my client can use GitLab SelfManaged.
The network of my client is isolated from the internet and have no email server(SMTP). I tried to use GitLab SaaS and found email was used when creating userid.
Is it possible to use GitLab Selfmanaged without using email?
I’d like to know how I can create userid in GitLab Self Managed, ( without using email)

You can’t. e-mail is mandatory in GitLab Self Managed, too.

Thank you for reply.

I’m very disappointed to hear that…

I have googled and found accounts for GitLab can be created in batch mode using python-gitlab
Does e-mail still needed if I use python-gitlab?
Apart from account creation, are there something I cannot do without e-mail in GitLab?

Any comments are appreciated.


for self-registration, you’ll need a token of validation/verification for the user, in order to not have to manually approve all accounts as an administrator. You can turn off email verification and manually approve all users as administrator.

Another way can be to use LDAP/AD or SSO as auth system where the user can just login using their existing external credentials, without requiring email validation.

Last but not least, when you aim to automate user provisioning, you can also use an administrative access token to approve/activate the user. Use that possibility with care, root access via the API can be a security risk when exploited or leaked.

Notifications are sent by email - any event or mention in issue will require email as transport. You can configure different methods than SMTP though, or disable them entirely. If you do so, look into integrations for addition notifications.


Thank you for reply.

Your post helps me a lot.

I understand e-mail is not mandatory to use GitLab and I can create GitLab account manually.
I understand this can be done without using python-gitlab.

Do I understand correctly?