Is Gitlab Artifact, package registry better than JFrog Artifactory?

Hello Team,

We’re currently set up Gitlab using Helm and we’re at 17.11.4.
Currently to save artifacts we’re using JFrog artifactory. We come across some features of Gitlab like artifacts & package registry to store artifacts and binaries.

Is it a good step to migrated from JFrog to Gitlab artifact.
Does the gitlab artifact is better than JFrog?

This isn’t an easy question to answer, because it’s simply down to your own personal preferences on what is best for you. For me, I didn’t like the way naming conventions were forced upon me by JFrog, so it made my URL’s longer than they needed to be. For example, it insisted on using the organisation name whether I wanted it or not. I couldn’t find a way to disable that. So for example, the URL in jfrog was something like this:

Whereas in Gitlab, when I have my own instance:

Purely cosmetic in reality but this was annoying for me. I only used for containers, rather than other artifacts, so I cannot say anymore than that. Easiest for you is to just compare the two like I did and see which fits your requirements best.

People here can only give their opinions and that is all they are, an opinion. You can then use them to help you make an informed decision, but either way you really need to test and use both to see.

I would advise you to thoroughly test your specific use cases with Gitlab’s package registry to make sure you don’t paint yourself into a corner.