Is GitLab useful for sharing code with our costumers?

Our company is thinking about using GitLab to share code with our customers so they can give feedback and then work together on making it suitable. Is this appropriate or should we use some other tool for this?
PS: We do not use GitLab currently, we would only use it for this purpose

Hi @blazspaca

that depends on multiple factors:

  • will be the code private or public?
  • will you use SaaS or self-managed GitLab?
  • customers require to have the code in “git”?
  • do you want customers to be able to create issues or MR to your code?

if you just need to store your code somewhere for your customers to download, some repository manager might be a better solution.

Thanks for the answer!
The code will mostly be private and we will be likely using the self-managed free version of the enterprise edition. We are currently using SVN internally but the customers want the code in git, so the end goal would be to sync SVN and GitLab. It would be handy for the customers to create issues to suggest improvements.

In that case self-managed GitLab will cover your needs nicely.

Side note: On SaaS you would have to pay a license for your users and for each customers’ users, because Free tier is limited to 5 users.