Is it a Bug that I can't get the email attribute from the Member API?


Only the email attribute is not get from Groups Member API as shown in the image above.

Users’ emails are set to public.

Is this a bug or do I need to set something else?


Please can you stop posting the same question every single day and actually wait for someone to reply to your post. It’s really annoying having duplicate posts. It’s the weekend and people are relaxing. Give people a lot more time to actually reply (like at least 7 days). And if no reply has been given, add additional information to the existing post, rather than open new ones.

If the email is public and it is on and the API key allows access to get that information it should appear. If the profile is not public, then it won’t be and only an admin can access the email address for a profile/email that is hidden. That is covered already on this forum.

Maybe you are not using enough privileges on your API key, maybe you didn’t give it the proper access? There are a number of levels for an access token (created under user preferences):


I think you need read_api as a minimum or maybe read_user.

I really apologise for that duplicate posts.
I will make sure that this kind of thing never happens again.

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Let us know if you configured access token with read_user or higher, as this is the level that gives the correct permissions.