Is it permitted to use gitlab source code to run pipelines behind the screens for our SaaS product

we are still exploring options but before we make a decision we would like to get some information from gitlab team as well, please…

If we use gitlab server & gitlab-runner to run pipeline in our SaaS product (our k8s automation & management product is under development now) behind the screens, is it ok to do that? Of course we will not be selling gitlab or gitlab features, we just want to use gitlab as our backend pipeline running service to execute our product’s features related tasks. Our features have nothing to do with providing CI solution to our customers, hence we want to just use open source solution already available instead of spending time on developing our own CI tool and concentrate on our product features alone.
Note:- our product is similar to platform9 & Rancher.

Also, if we use gitlab-runner to run our jobs to execute some jobs related to our features on our customer’s infra, is it ok to do that ? (instead of developing our own runner for time being. of course we do have plan to develop our own runner in future & use it , but for our phase1 SaaS launch we just want to use some open-source tools like Gitlab CI & Gitlab-Runner to get our features working).

@hchouraria - if you don’t mind helping me with this query too, I would appreciate your help, please.

Disclaimer: The ask appears to be a legal-related question, and I am not a lawyer so please don’t interpret this as a professional advice or answer. GitLab software licenses are published in their repositories and in distribution files, and it would be best to consult them with a lawyer specializing in software licensing.

From the description it sounds like you will not be redistributing software you are leveraging within a hosted SaaS product as a backend service that is also not exposed to users, so I personally don’t see why this would be an issue license-wise.

Thank you for the response. Appreciate it.