Is it possible to change sidekiq port?

Seafile server uses port 8082, and that cannot be changed. This is creating a conflict with Sidekiq from gitlab because it uses the same port by default. Is it possible to change that port? I couldn’t find it on /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb. Please advise.

I have the same problem. You can temporarily stop Gitlab and start Seafile, which makes Seafile use port 8082 and resume normal operations. Of course this means that whatever use Gitlab (or Sidekiq) had for port 8082 will not work, but so far I haven’t seen any side effects and Gitlab is functioning as normal. This will have to do until someone provides a better solution.

I tried adding sidekiq[‘listen_port’] = 8082 to gitlab.rb (based on but to no avail. Hope a fix is coming soon

Yup this one was an odd one, getting the same thing here, I’ve only just recently noticed it though and have been running the two side by side for along time. Have there been any changes to it recently or was it just dumb luck it was working without troubles for the last year or two?

It seems the use of this port was added with Gitlab 10.3. Seafile has been using 8082 for many years now. The main question is why can’t the default ports being used be configured.