Is it possible to create an html form with Gitlab Pages that starts a pipeline?

One of the common complaints about Gitlab in my org is the lack of job-specific forms that can be used to manually kick off automations. I’m looking to create a proof-of-concept project that uses Gitlab Pages to host a very simple static-html form that targets a single job. I’m able to host the form very easily, but I’m not sure of the best path forward on where to submit the request.

My goal is to provide a very simple path for our product teams to create their own static forms. If possible, I’d like to avoid using a site generator and using complex code (that might be a pipe dream, but I’m here for it).

I see two possible paths: submitting the form to the web UI or submitting the form to the API.

In either case, it appears as though the getting the user’s token and crafting the correct payload will be the challenges.

Has anyone seen any solution out there that could help me reach my goals? Maybe Gitlab pages is the wrong solution and there’s another way? Maybe there’s a feature I’m not aware of that could bridge the gap for me.