Is it possible to hide user and group from public?


Is it possible to hide user and group from public?

Is there any way?



  1. The `/explore/groups section shows all groups but hides other private information contained in the group if it is not set to public. However, this issue has been discussed and a fix scheduled for 8.6. You can find the discussion here:

  2. If you visit the /u/username path you would be able to view the profile of the user. There is currently no way to disallow this.

  3. The /groups/group-name path would show the group profile and any other information that is visible to you depending on your permissions. e.g. You would be able to view events around public projects and if you are signed in, activity on internal projects. However you would not be able to view info regarding to private projects of the group if you are not in the group.

There is an active MR to be able to set a group’s visibility level though:

any chance that it is now possible to hide the project member’s name from public and even from other project members ?
it’s quite important for me.