Is it possible to run a job multiple times, once for each value in a variable


I have a multi-environment app, I want to rerun a job multiple times with a different .env file.
I have ca. 20 different $CUSTMER_ENV_FILE, and I want to run a job like this for every customer.

Job I want tu run:

# Job: test_e2e
test_dev: # only on mr 
  image: cypress/browsers:node12.14.1-chrome85-ff81
  stage: test_e2e
    - npm install
    - npm install -g env-cmd
    - env-cmd env/$CUSTMER_ENV_FILE npm run tests

I also thought I could just use a script:

yourfilenames=`ls -a ./env | grep test`
for file in $yourfilenames
    echo "RUN TESTS WITH THIS ENV: " $file 
    env-cmd -f env/$file npm run serve &
    set -o allexport; source env/$file; set +o allexport
    echo "Start Sleep"
    sleep 30s
    echo "End Sleep"
    npx percy exec -- cypress run 

However, this is not working because the pipeline is not failing if tests are failing inside the loop. Also, I do not get the nice visual feedback.