Is it possible to share issue between several projects?

If I have multiple projects in a Group, then is it possible to create a issue that spans multiple project or is it the case that issue can only be related to single project?

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Welcome to the forum, @Sailesh!

Multiple Group Issue Boards are a Premium/Silver GitLab feature, and I believe that is the use case you’re referring to.

Based on this tier description, it looks like the Core/Free versions of GitLab can use 1 group issue board

One more link to share, our issue overview docs page in case you have any other questions about GitLab issues!

So, my understanding from docs is that issue boards puts all the issues inside a group in a dashboard, in other words I can see all the issues created inside the project in one place.
I was wondering if I can create one issue for two projects, instead of creating two issues in two different projects. (My use case being, I found a bug that needs to be fixed in mutliple projects and I am trying to avoid creating issues in each projects)?