Is it possible to stop GitLab from changing the display name in notification emails?

We are using a self-hosted GitLab server - version 13.5.1.

We have it setup so that when someone commits to a branch that we’re watching, it notifies us using email (Gmail). That’s great.

The problem is that when the email is received about a new commit, the from field says the name of the committer as the Display Name, but the from email is the address the system is configured to use - not the email address of the committer.

Ex: if I commit to a branch by coworker is watching, the email he receives shows in the Display Name that it came from me, giving him the impression that he can just hit “Reply”, and send me an email. Unfortunately, if he hits “Reply”, the reply will be sent to an inbox that isn’t monitored - not to me.

Ideally, GitLab would either change the from email address so that hitting “Reply” actually sends it to me, OR it would not modify the display name, so instead of appearing to come from me, it just says something like “GitLab Server”, making it more obvious that a reply would be sent back to the server.

I’m not sure if Gmail will allow GitLab to fake the from address to pretend it’s coming from the actual user, so the second option might be the only option.

Is it possible to configure GitLab to do this?


Just came across this setting. Will this option stop trying to override the display name with the author’s name? Or will it continue to do so, and in addition, also add the name to the email body?