Is it possible to upload job artefact with machine+docker executor?

Hello, thank you in advence for your help.
I can’t upload job artefact with executor = docker + machine.
I’m on a self managed version v13.4.3

I do a simple test with following .gitlab-ci.yml

    - mkdir test && cd test
    - echo "Hello!" > hi.txt
      - test/

I try to build with executor docker+machine and i have these error

Uploading artifacts...
test/: found 2 matching files and directories      
ERROR: Uploading artifacts as "archive" to coordinator... forbidden  id=112557 responseStatus=403 Forbidden status=403 token=XXXXX
FATAL: permission denied

When i try it with executor shell it works.
My runner is on an AWS EC2 instance, the machine running the build is also on a EC2 instance.
They share same EFS disk they have same security-group configuration and there on the same subnet.

I don’t find find any error on gitlab server log.
Not sure to search on the good logs.

Perhaps it is a know limitation ?
Or do you have an idea of what can be the cause of the problem ?

Thank you for your help