Is LDAP group sync still Enterprise only?

Hi, we use community edition at my workplace, and I’m getting ready to fiddle with LDAP settings. I notice my gitlab.rb mentions group_base, admin_group, and sync_ssh_keys are EE only features.

Is this an old comment (as this was upgraded from a much older version of gitlab), or is this still a current limitation in place? I’m not able to find much in the way of concrete evidence for one way or the other, and knowing if I’m able to use this would be greatly appreciated before I make the changes.

The Gitlab documentation is a great place to start: Integrate LDAP with GitLab | GitLab

As you can see here the group base is clearly shown under the section I linked as being part of Premium/Ultimate subscription.

It’s also marked as self-managed… Which I wasn’t sure if it meant CE also counted…

This shows what platforms it supports, so self-managed with a premium/ultimate subscription. For free no.

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